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Great idea for a
kitchen shower:

Send a recipe card
with each shower
invitation, then
present the bride
with an album of
recipes at
the shower.


Recipe Card Album - Botanical Gardens

Recipe Cards 4 x 6 -
Botanical Gardens

Recipe Card Box - Botanical Gardens

Bridal Shower
Menu Suggestions

Choose dishes
and/or decorations
to complement
the wedding
shower theme.

A honeymoon in
Italy could inspire
a lasagna entree
and an Italian wine
to toast the bride.
Try a gondola-shaped
table centerpiece.
Decorate with red,
white and green
and hang some
posters of Italy.

Our eBook has ideas
for 40 different
themes, including
description, gift
suggestions, and
ideas for the
menu, decorations,
favors, games,
game prizes, music,
dress attire and
invitation design.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper


If you are hosting the bridal shower in your home, you can
choose to serve anything from a complete brunch, lunch
or dinner to an elegant tea (tea with thin sandwiches and
dainty desserts), to just hors d'oeuvres or just desserts.

When making your menu choice, consider your budget, the theme, the bride's taste in food, and the most convenient time of day to suit your guests. Of course, if you serve an all-desserts menu, you should time the shower for after the normal dinner hour, so that all your guests will have eaten their evening meal.

To save time washing dishes, use paper plates - there are elegant choices such
as this Siver Wedding:

Silver Wedding

For theme wedding showers, try to tie in dishes and/or table decorations to complement the theme.

You should add some little touches that individualize your shower and give your guests a talking point.   For example, if you include cupcakes in your dessert choices, add cupcake toppers that tie in with the theme.  Plates & Napkins makes cute Faux Diamond Wedding Ring Cupcake Toppers and Girls Night Out Cupcake Picks

When considering whether to have a sit-down luncheon or a buffet, remember that many people are not adept at holding a plate and drink on their lap. If you serve buffet style, be sure you have enough table space for all your guests to sit down - or have plenty of snack tables available

If funds permit, you may think about having the party catered. Alternatively, party platters can now easily be ordered from your local supermarket and will save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.

If you are on a tight budget, choose to have a brunch with juice, salad, small finger sandwiches or a casserole, and the shower cake for dessert. You can also make it a pot luck and have other members of the bridal party bring casseroles, etc.

Be sure that there is enough food and drink for everyone. It is much better
to have some food left over than to run out of an entree because you
underestimated portion sizes.

If you are the hostess, you should be mingling with the guests, not testing out a new recipe. So, if you want to prepare the meal yourself, stick to casseroles and salads, which can be prepared ahead of time.

Be considerate of those with special menu needs. If your guest list includes those with kosher or vegetarian requirements, search through your recipes for a meatless dish, such as a bean casserole. If you plan to serve alcohol, make sure that you also offer a nonalcoholic alternative.

Plan on presenting a special cake to the bride. The presentation can take place at the end of the meal, or you can bring out the cake with coffee, tea and soft drinks, after the gift-opening ceremony.

Following are some simple menu suggestions:

Orange juice or Mimosas (orange juice with champagne) to toast the bride
Fresh bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or cold cuts with rolls
Chicken or seafood salad
Mini Danish
Fruit salad
Coffee or tea with the shower cake

Appetizers: vegetables with dip, or cheese and cracker tray.
Champagne, wine or nonalcoholic champagne to toast the bride.
Caesar salad and rolls
A casserole such as lasagna, eggplant, salmon, chicken, etc.
Apple pie
Coffee or tea with the shower cake

Sandwich assortment: cucumber, cheese, pate, etc.
Assortment of sugar cookies
Petit Fours (bite sized pastries)
Fruit salad or English trifle
Basket of individual tea choices
Shower cake
Champagne, wine or nonalcoholic champagne to toast the bride. For a festive appearance, perhaps add a couple of strawberries or some raspberries at the bottom of each glass.


Choose from a wide variety of designs and
coordinate your table with plates, cups, napkins,
table covers, cutlery to suit your theme.

Some designs have coordinating invitations,
thank you notes, centerpieces, etc.

Click on a design below to see
coordinating paper goods.

Something Blue Bridal ShowerChic Wedding Cake
Something Blue
Bridal Shower
Wedding Cake
Ever AfterElegant Wedding
Ever After Elegant Wedding
Silver WeddingChic Bride To Be
Silver WeddingChic Bride To Be
Mr. and Mrs. ChalkGerbera Bouquet
Mr. and Mrs. ChalkGerbera Bouquet


Is the bride planning to
change her name?
 Name Change Express

will guide her through
the paperwork -

Government IDs, credit cards,
frequent flyer forms,
communications, bank accounts,
memberships, subscriptions, insurance

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