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Wedding and
Bridal Shower

Every bridal shower should include a
toast to the bride -
and it can be
short and simple.

Usually, the maid
of honor gives
the toast at the
bridal shower.

Note that, not
only is the best man
expected to give
a speech at the
but often
the maid of honor
is asked to deliver
one also. It need
not be long, but
it should be positive
and personal.

In our eBook, we
provide a suggested
speech that would be
appropriate at any
bridal shower

But how about those
speeches expected at
the wedding?

If you are part of the
wedding party and
wondering just where
to begin, we have some
helpful sources on this
page to point you in
the right direction.


Below is a selection of sources for toasts, speeches and wedding planning tools.

If you are a member of the wedding party and struggling
to find the right words, you will find inspiration here.

Whether you are the bride, groom, matron/maid of honor, mother or
father of the bride, best man, sister of the groom . . . whatever your connection...
you will find the right words to use.  Cheers!


Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Templates and Workbook

Did you know the Maid of Honor is expected
to "say a few words" at the wedding?

Find the Perfect Toast that takes a
backseat to no Best Man!

We show you how to craft the perfect wedding speech, how to practice it and pitfalls to avoid, such as toasting only the bride or groom as opposed to the couple.

We provide fill-in-the-blank templates, an interactive workbook outlining exactly how to write a speech to make it personal, and a reference guide overflowing with popular and inspiring quotes, jokes, toasts, openers, closers, and blessings.

Proving you don't have to be a toastmaster
to give a great toast or speech.


The Maid Of Honor Guide

Details The Maid Of Honor
Duties And Responsibilities
For A Wedding.

Also included are
Maid Of Honor Speeches,
Bachelorette Party Games
& Ideas and Bridal
Shower Games &
Ideas bonus guides.


The Wedding MC

A great resource for anyone asked to speak at a wedding.

Learn all you need to know to deliver a funny, outstanding and memorable wedding speech!

Over 50,000 copies now in print.

If you are hosting the wedding (as the bridal couple or their parents), it's the best assurance you can get that the people who will speak at your wedding will be fully-prepared, professional in their approach and well-equipped to make your special day the best it can be.


Professionally Written And Inspirational
Wedding Speeches And Toasts. Choose from:

Best Man Speeches

Father of the Bride Speeches

Maid of Honor Speeches

Groom Speeches

Your Source For Step-by-step Guides That Walk You Through Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Own Inspirational Speech!


Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches

Pre-written wedding speeches and toasts for the maid of honor. Plus other bonus books.


Best Man's Ultimate Speech Package

Pre-written wedding speeches and toasts for the best man. Proven Speeches that Deliver the Response You Want!

Father of the Bride Speech Package

Pre-written wedding speeches and toasts for the father of the bride. You'll Know Exactly the Right Words to Say!

Wedding Planning Guide

Discover the insider secrets to saving time, stress and money while planning your wedding, yet still have the wedding of your dreams...

Including over 150 money saving tips... piles of photo's, charts and tables... and piles more tips and techniques for getting the absolute most out of your wedding planning experience... can be downloaded to your computer within a few minutes!.

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