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Tips for Planning Your
Bridal Shower Toast.

If you have been chosen to be a maid/matron of honor at a wedding, you are likely going to be expected to toast the bride with an inspiring speech at the shower. This can be something simple for some who are used to public speaking or who enjoy the limelight, but it can seem like a nightmare waiting to happen to someone who gets nervous speaking in front of crowds.

A few things to consider in the midst of planning for the shower and the wedding include at least an outline of what you plan to speak about. It is always better to have something prepared rather than try to "wing it" at the luncheon table. There is nothing wrong with keeping the speech short and sweet, but you should include some heartfelt sentiment in the toast.

Most shower toasts include some story about the bride - how you met her or something that happened to the two of you. This is great; especially if there is a bit of humor involved…just remember to leave out any mention of her previous boyfriends. Be sure to end your story or speech with well wishes for the bride and some thought out feelings that come directly from your heart. This speech is likely to be remembered fondly by the bride. Just imagine the beautiful glow of the bridal shower favor candles as your profound speech leaves your lips, it should be an intimate moment for the ages.

Written by Amy Williams for Favors by Serendipity.

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